Center approved plans




Center approved plans

Yers 2016-2017-2018


Explaining the Women's Health experience in polygamy families

Determining nurses explanation procedure with medication orders

Effect of Narghile(Hubble-Bubble)Smoking on outcome of pregnancy In pregnant women referred to Health Centers in 2016

Study of the prevalence of substance abuse among pregnant women admitted to Zahedan Ali-ibn-AbiTaleb Tertiary-care Hospital Southeast Iran, 2016-2017

Evaluation of the risk of type 2 diabetes and its relationship with some demographic characteristics of the population 25-65 years old in the city of Zahedan 2016

Moral ingand spirtual experience of nurses from caring in dy



Explaining the teenagers experiences from pregnancy : A content analysis study

Exploration of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences faculty members perception of peer evaluation: A content analysis study

The relationship between health literacy and self-care and lifestyle of heart failure patients admitted to hospitals in Zahedan in 2016

Experience of patients going under surgery about Observance patient rights: a qualitative study

Faculty member's experiences about research activities: a qualitative study

The experience of nursing and midwifery school students about during education: a qualitative study

The effect of scheduled visit on hope and happiness in depressed patients in psychiatric wards of Baharan hospital in Zahedan

Perception of Oncology Nurses' of end of life care for cancer patients :a qualitative study

Relationship basic need satisfaction and personal self-care resources with some demographic characteristics in out patient center of  Kahrizak Charity in Alborz




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