Center Membership Terms

Membership Requirements:
Admission to the faculty is subject to the submission of at least one original article published in a reputable or responsible author in domestic or foreign scientific journals.Continuation of membership in a research center is subject to the publication of at least one original article as the first author or responsible author with the name of the research center in accredited domestic and foreign scientific journals for a period of two years.
Areas of Activity:
Collaborate in the Center's research as an Executor, Collaborator or SupervisorContribute to the preparation and writing of articlesCollaboration in translating or writing booksParticipation in workshopsParticipation in the holding of journal clubsParticipation in counseling programsParticipation in community center activitiesAttend Center meetings

Center Members Points:
Issuing Membership Notice to MembersCertifying hours of member participation in the center's activitiesAt the end of the year an active member will be issued an acknowledgmentUsing the Center's facilities to advance research goalsAdmission to doctoral student research

Required Documents for Membership:
Submit membership application to the Presidency of the CenterPresentation of the scientific resume fileProviding a file of research interests and ongoing studiesProvide Google Scholar Link URL, Email, Address and Contact Number 

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